Welcome to Fulson Asset Management

Where development and construction management are the foundation, property management is the essential and ongoing requirement of successful properties. Fulson Asset Management Company is responsible for the operation of the properties that we develop, consult on, and in some case, fee manage. We have experience and resources to handle compliance for many affordable housing programs including Section 8, Low Income Housing Tax Credit, HOME assisted developments or combinations of these types of transactions.


The FAM team works to do the best for our communities.

The team here at Fulson Asset Management is comprised of multi-faceted individuals who make up our entire success story as an organization. Each member brings something unique to the FAM table and helps to enrich all the communities we touch.


Learn more about our many properties and locations.

Fulson Asset Management manages many properties in the Midwest. We have family, elderly, and disabled homes. We service areas from Kansas City to Macon, Missouri as well as cities in between. If you’re interested in one of our properties, contact us today.


Here’s what our residents have to say about FAM.

Fulson is dedicated to providing quality affordable housing to communities and families. Our key focus has been dedicated to our mission of affordable housing. One of our goals is making and keeping our residents satisfied.